I was thrilled to discover this month that one of my favorite emerging bloggers, Tall Skinny Kiwi (whose identity I still don’t quite understand beyond “some really smart shane bookBaptist dude with a blog everyone reads”) gave a positive review of menno pastor Shane Hipps’s book, The Hidden power of Electronic Culture.

I discovered the book this fall and it rang all my bells. Shane Hipps has a background in marketing and advertising, and left it all behind to follow the call. But he took with him his expertise in applying Marshall McLuhan’s genius for media studies to the life of the church.

Since I teach communication and digital art at a Christian college, this book is a treasure of insights and challenges for my classes, my students, and my own professional development. All the better that Shane Hipps understand emerging church and the cultural forces shaping and being shaped by the movement from within a Mennonite context. And this guy went to junior high with Tony Jones? What’s that about?

I plan a more extensive series of blog posts about Shane’s book and his Web site, and how this might all connect with Mennonite theology. So I’m thrilled the book is getting more exposure. I think it’s important.

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