I’m coming late to this bit of online drama. Not sure how I missed it this summer, but the Christianity Today blog linked to an article by someone name Frank Pastore who thinks that the goals of emerging church and Al Qaeda are the same.

pastore article web shot

Yes, really.

The emergent blogs jumped on this bit of horror-filled nonsense better than I ever could.

Steve Knight’s lack of “sputtering sarcasm.”
Mark VanSteenwyck is reminded of Anabaptism
Jordan Cooper calls it stupid, but gets some weird ananymous trolling in the comments.

There’s not much I can really even say about this. Even some emergent-unfriendly commenters condemn such lunacy (linked to by Steve above). But I do just want to say how sad and uncomfortable I felt reading some of the Christianity Today post comments. No one really defended Pastore. But a disturbing number of posters thought there was a grain of truth in his rant.