OK, here’s the deal.

I started this blog September 11, 2007, but it was a personal exercise, private, hidden from public consumption. So I guess it was kind of fake blogging. But it was fun, and probably a bit therapeutic.

So now, as part of 2008’s “New Year Resolutions Surely to Cause Dave Trouble,” I’ve decided to switch the blog to hosting on WordPress.com, and post more consistently, hopefully as part of a more public conversation.

Unfortunately the whole enterprise was hosed in my attempt to switch over. So I’m left with a bunch of unformatted text files on my hard drive to manually enter into this new blog site, one post at a time. My plan of course is to just keep posting several a day until I get caught up, and then continue blogging from there, “in real time.”

After just a couple of days into this “plan,” a few people have already somehow discovered this blog and started reading it (hi guys!). I know this because I’ve received a couple comments and e-mails. So I figured I should post an explanation for why the newest posts are from last September!

The summary is that I’ll be adding a few posts a day from fall and winter until this new blog is caught up, so please bear with me while I finish posting the archive. Then I’ll continue with new posts in ’08.