Ah, the first post. A fresh, sparkly new blog. No one around other than me. So quiet. So peaceful.

In case you want to know who I am, my name’s Dave. I wasn’t born Mennonite, but landed with them because the Mennonites I know make the most sense to me, and because they’ll take in anybody. Like a lot of people in my church, the Mennonites were my last stop on the way out of church, and by God’s grace I’m still hanging on.

I’ve tried to figure out why my faith is finally coming alive again. By doing a lot of reading and talking to people and especially listening, I realize I’ve felt so weird in the Evangelical world I grew up in because I’m one of those people they’re calling “emerging church Christians.” I have a certain set of questions, and convictions, and probably character flaws, that makes me extremely uncomfortable in traditional church communities.

For some reason the people in my newly found Mennonite church are ok with that. In fact, a lot of them are kind of weird, too.

This post ends here because words are utterly inadequate to express the depth of my gratitude.